WhatsApp Now Has 500 Million Active Users

WhatsApp Now Has 500 Million Active Users

Would you believe that a messaging app reaching to a record number of active users in less than 5 years after launching.? 500 million users in less than 5 years? The app must be driving you crazy. Isn’t it? Okay. But let me tell you why it has got so much users. Gone are those days when you ponder over sending limited number of messages to your pals on the

Yandex To Stop Considering Links As A Ranking Factor

What’s new in Search Engine Optimization in the recent times? There is always going to be something interesting going around with the search engines as they keep improving their algorithms to make it the search engine the better place for users to get the desired results. Search engine optimization is often considered to be complicated for experts whenever there is a change in the search algorithms. And today, we have

Search Engine Sloptimization: 6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

If there’s anything that marketers learned in 2013, it’s that they have to put the user’s needs first. Every innovation made to search engines — algorithm updates such as Google Hummingbird, SERP enhancements, and social integrations — was designed to create a better overall experience for the searcher. As a result, SEO marketers must think more closely about how much users value their content and take the necessary steps to

60 Beautiful WordPress Wedding Blog Themes

A wedding is an event that holds huge importance in the life of a couple. They look forward to it with anticipation and excitement at the same time. No one wants to leave any stone unturned to make it a memorable event. Right from dresses to decor, everything has to be perfect. The same holds true for wedding blogs as well. Couples want to create a cool and classic wedding

Top 3 Commended WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites

With the advent of Internet and development of e-Commerce, several companies have come online to expand their business through their online business websites. WordPress is certainly the most famous application for business websites for showcasing products, presenting services, conducting online marketing, selling, etc. Furthermore, WordPress is much preferable due to many reasons such as: Ease of use: WordPress is very much easy to use. It requires no coding experience or

Indoor Google Maps Are Now Available In Selected Locations of India

Finding yourself lost in the middle of nowhere? Days have become harder, people have become much more busier, Technology has become more and more higher. Google has become more more smarter. I guess you people must be half aware of what I was actually talking about. When I have mentioned Google today, it must surely belong to Google Maps. And God, how good they actually are. Way beyond what people

55 Best WordPress Themes For The Year 2014

WordPress has been giving its users the most user-friendly interfaces and affordable themes. However, not every theme that you purchase end up giving you what you thought. Only after installing a theme, you realize about its missing compatibility with your latest applications and operating system. Therefore, in order to save you from the trouble of installing the add-ons and extras, we bring you the latest themes, none of which is

Brainy Facts That Can Empower You to Procure More Effective Web Design

While it would be nearly impossible to predict just what any said person may be thinking at any given time, there are some elements to psychology that come into the picture when considering effective web design. That’s because web design is supposed to affect and inspire as well as invoke a reaction in the user. The entire purposes of websites are to drive interest in your offerings and encourage action