10 mistakes you have to avoid while using WordPress

10 Mistakes You Have to Avoid While Using WordPress

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mistakes to avoid while using WordPress

As we all know that WordPress is an extremely popular blogging platform and it covers almost close to 15.5% of all websites across the globe. It is important to know what to do and what not to do while using WordPress. You might be a WordPress developer and you might have a detailed understanding of this platform. But surely, you must have committed some mistakes on WordPress which you still regret for now. It’s just human nature to commit mistakes. And we are here to showcase mistakes to avoid while using WordPress. So that the same mistake will never turn alive in future.

1. Downloading Free Themes:

If you are on a course of creating your own online brand and still having a mind of downloading WordPress Themes for free of cost?! Then, you better think twice before you do. Using free themes is the worst thing a designer can do to a start-up company. It’s like you are hosting vulnerabilities. The theme you have downloaded are used by many sites and you will surely be the one among them. This is not the way to do when you are itching to create your own name. Using of premium theme does good to you. Even though chances of exploiting is very much on cards you will at least be notified. But, if you use Free themes then you need to fix and address the security threats.

2. Using too many Plugins: 

In WordPress you don’t really have to be skillful when it comes to back end coding. WordPress is having loads of plugins available for its users. Its simple to download and install the plugin. The problem with plugins is that it pushes the site’s performance down. The plugins those are coded poorly can make things even worse. Chances are that your plugins can even break down your site at times. To over come this, using limited number of plugins can be handy.

3. Getting Widgets: 

You can add any number of widgets on your site. WordPress has provided you enough of space to do that. If you want to place search box ahead of categories, you can do that. Want to keep track of recent tweets that you have made on Twitter?! Widgets can make that happen. Find the widget you are looking for and just add it on your Layout. It just appears on your site. Problem with widgets is that they clutter your side bars and footers.

4. Failing to monitor comments: 

There are two reasons on why people lose track of monitoring comments on their WordPress. Firstly, you get spam. Whole lot of spam. All you need to do is to filter out spam from the common comments. Akismet plugin will do the job for you. You simply install it and register for an API key. The second one is, replying to the comments that you have got. Comments play an important role when it comes to blogging. It’s the only way where you can make a conversation going with your readers. Do listen to what they have got to tell you and reply them all the time.

5. Forgetting to secure your blog: 

Security is always a billion dollar question on web. The security attacks are more likely to happen when your coding isn’t great. There may be some issues related to security threat when you use WordPress. It was said that lower grade malicious hackers are more into hacking the sites of WordPress who are looking to spread the spam. Their motto is to add spam on to the sites which gets heavy traffic. If you have followed the basic security measures that WordPress had suggested, you are more likely to be in the safer zone.

6. Over usage of Categories: 

Categories are generally used as a container where the posts of similar kind can be dropped into. Point is that WordPress has made things work very easy. And creating categories is way beyond simple. When you have once created a category it’s good to keep in mind that one such category already exists and when you write a post similar to the same category, you can drop that post into the existing container rather can creating another container in the same name. Problem is that, it’s hard to identify if you categorize a particular post to more than 5 to 6 categories. You don’t have to put the same data in 6 different boxes. Will you?! And also Tags. Limiting your Tags between 5-7 is okay.

7. Stealing Images:

It’s very common thing to look at. When you are done writing with a post and looking to add some images into it, the first thing that strikes into your mind is Google Images. You straight away search of the image that suits your content and add it with no second thought. It is okay to use images for your personal blog. But never okay when you want to add it in your official blog. The images in Google are copy-righted and owned by someone. It’s better you choose the images that are under Creative Commons Licence or in public domain.

8. Having weak content: 

If you are looking to maintain a site that basically focus more on content than the appearance you better make sure the content that you provide must be grammatically well written. Keep the thing in mind that readers will never come back if you have weak content. I don’t find a point in maintain a website which makes people utter a ‘wow’ and has nothing to say in it.

9. Forgetting about small guys: 

Small guys?! Confused?! Okay. Let me explain. You should never forget mobile phone users while developing your site. The trend has now changed. People these days are more likely to use web on phone than in desktop. So, creating a site that is responsive must be an important thing so that you don’t miss on those users.

10. Failing to backup:

The worst thing that can happen to you is that losing all of the content on your site which you are writing for a long time. The first idea to think of is whether you have taken a backup of your site. If you have done with that. It’s fine. There are times where it can scare the shit out of you when the backup you have taken doesn’t work. You can’t do anything if it doesn’t work. It was recommended that testing your backup files once after doing will be a good idea. So that you don’t have to worry if at all you lost your site.


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