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A brief Story of Ghost CMS

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Are you ready to experience the GHOST that was striking your way soon?! Have you ever found yourself dumbfounded while watching a Ghost movie in cinemas near you?! Did it left you shocking and surprising at any point of time?! If yes. I just wanted to tell you something regarding “Ghost”. It’s not about a new Ghost story that I am telling you today but a “Ghost” story which merely started as a dream an year ago and now it is a Thing. Basically I always wonder why Ghosts leave us amazed. I guess it’s the tendency of their existence or the name “Ghost” itself has something in it to make people piss out in their pants. But, All-in-all majority of people are interested into taking up a challenge. It’s an adventure.

Stepping into the Ghost Story. Here is,  John O’Nolan. Founder of Ghost. Wait!! Once again let me clarify you that we are out of movie business and are into something serious about John’s journey’s with “Ghost” which is “Just a Blogging Platform”. John started working with WordPress in the year 2005 an year after it was launched. From 2009-2011 he worked as The Deputy Head of the WordPress UI group. Where he used to build blogs and websites for some small and large companies. John worked on blogs for companies including Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nokia, Virgin Atlantic Airways, easyJet, MTV,, Tourism Australia, Tourism Spain, WooThemes, W3 Edge and many others. 

When everything is going rosy for John and his company an idea struck him incidentally. It was, why don’t we have a platform that was purely and completely dedicated to blogging?! Just a min. I know you would surely hit on me when I said that there is no platform that is purely for blogging. Earlier WordPress used to be for blogging. The motto behind WordPress is to create useful space for bloggers but now WordPress has changed a lot. They have grown up so well as they are now more into website creation and involved in development of Themes. And that’s what the results show, 18% of websites are under WordPress. So, taking these changes into consideration we can conclude that WordPress is no longer just limited to blogging platform. It’s way beyond that. So there must be something that has to be dedicated just for blogging and not more than that. It’s when it occurred to John and he did exactly what came into his mind. Ghost was on mind. John wanted to shape up Ghost CMS as digitally well established platform where writers can pen down their ideas with no breakdowns. He just did it. Why he did it?! How he did it?! You will be knowing everything in detail below.

The Ghost story

Ghost is an open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple. It was being funded via Kickstarter and has got enough of funding for the company to kick start. There are certain features that make Ghost stand out among the other well established platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Here is what keeps Ghost amazing!

A Dashboard that you might want to use: 

Ghost dashboard is something which everyone would surely love to use. It has got everything a user wants in his dashboard. The new special feature it has got will be the date and timezone to the left, statistics and social media updates on to the right, page views, recent visitors and traffic area at the bottom part and post status right on top. This can’t get any better. The feel and the look on dashboard will surely drag enough of users. You can customize it anyway you wanted it to be.

The Ghost story

A new writing screen that actually makes hell lot of sense:

This portion will surely be the highlight of Ghost. In Ghost while you start writing down your post, the screen is divided into 2 parts. On the left is where you write and make the necessary changes that you wanted and on the right is where you can see the preview of the post. It will display the post just the way it appears on your blog. You don’t really have to wait for preview to load on another tab like it happened with other platforms. In Ghost, it is just immediate. And the surprise isn’t over yet. If you are looking to insert an image later on and want to continue with your writing process then it’s absolutely fine. You can write anything on a long run but only by leaving a tag that says “image” where you wanted the image to be placed. You see, once after tagging image, there occurs a change in the preview of the post. It’s like when you are done with writing the post you can drag and drop the image into the space provided. Cool isn’t it?! This is that simple.

The Ghost story

Open Source and Non-Profit:

Ghost is a non-profit. This was totally free for users. They can use it in anyway they wanted it to be. But at the same time Ghost will be charging the users for hosting their own sites. In that way Ghost is going to make some money. And what they say as of now is that, Ghost will be paying their developers with the money they get from Hosting services to work on the project. If Ghost reaches its £250,000 stretch goal, all backers will receive a free year on the hosted service.

Here is what John had to say about open source and Non-profit organisation.

“Ghost is a non-profit. We’ll make money from our premium hosted service, but we’ll use 100% of the money to make Ghost better and pay people to work on it. We won’t distribute any profits to shareholders, because there won’t be any shareholders. A non-profit has trustees who don’t own shares, they just oversee the company. We literally won’t have anything for Yahoo! to buy.”

Ghost CMS

Ghost is following some of the larger trends happening in web development, and is written in Node.js. So this will be the first blogging platform that was build off of java script. The project is already offering free Node.js lessons to help PHP developers get in touch with the new language.


Split screen editing: As I already said you earlier, you can see the preview on the right side while you write in the left side.

Stats based graphic dashboard: It is so darn beautiful. In simple words, looks great. Can’t ask for anything better.

All new markdown: No need to understand HTML. You can do formatting using markdown. HTML coders might find it irritating.


Built for: Bloggers.

Usability: Very easy. I must admit.

Support: Ghost is having some big backups for their support system but we will have to wait and see how they work.

Design: Marvelously well done. Design will be the biggest asset for Ghost.

Performance: According to my standards it will be super fast. But everything depends on how they setup in the first place.


For conclusion part I’m not enough ready to make up my mind. There is a long wait followed to get my hands on it. I believe Ghost will be the finest platforms ever build for blogging. It may or may not be reaching the standards that WordPress had, but this one is having a lot to do. Why will I not be excited to use an amazing platform that was only for bloggers. It has to be good. Time will have the results on how GHOST can send a shiver down the users spine.

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