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Collection Of Best PHP Libraries That Will Make Your Task Simple

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PHP being the one as a server side scripting language for web development has grown large in number when it comes to usage. It was reportedly said that PHP was installed in more than 244 million websites and the intensity of the usage can be clearly seen today. That’s the reason why we are here today to provide you some of the best PHP libraries that are currently in use.

PHP Excel Reader: 

With the help of PHP excel reader you can upload all your data to your database in a much better way. Instead of trying with the forms which is always time consuming.

PHP Excel Reader

PHP Unit: 

The name says it all. PHP Unit test is the unit testing that will be working on the projects once they are done. It provides a framework that makes the process happen easily and the results to be arrived accurately.

PHP Unit


Captcha as you all know plays a role in every transaction that you do online. For making the computer understand that you are a human ReCaptcha plays it’s role.



Conversion rates are quite high when it comes to FPDF. You are allowed to save all your data in PDF format. All you need to do is to install FPDF and get the best out of it.



PChart will convert your content oriented data into chart. It analyses the content that you have prepared and constructs a pie diagram that will just showcase it in a visual way.


PHP Mailer: 

It’s probably the most familiar one for sending an Email from PHP.

PHP Mailer

PHP Thumb(): 

Thumbnails are important. With PHP Thumb() all the images will fit into the specified frame size. This will work as a handy resource when in use.

PHP Thumb

Hope you have found the above PHP Libraries useful. If you really have anything interesting to say do let me know in the comment section.

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