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Copying Content From Multiple Sites Do Nothing To Your SEO Rankings

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Copied Content

Every site owner and marketer would want his website to do well in Google search engine rankings. And all they do is to keep maintaining the balance between their quality content and the keywords that they use for their articles. But at some point of time you would have come across those people who just copy and paste content from multiple sites. And wonders why they are not being ranked well enough. They do admit that, they provide the reference links and yet the ranking still seems to be the same.

It’s not that copying and pasting content from multiple sites do the trick for you. If you are into doing that why would people want to look into your site particularly when they have whole lot of sites offering a summarized version than yours. There is always going to be a point where people will land into your site in search of some information and all you need to do is to provide the same to make the reader come again.

But if the reader finds nothing other than a few excerpts how you would you expect him to come back? There is no point for him to come back. Usually Yahoo! had termed it to be as stitching and it never encouraged it’s algorithm to make such sites appear top in their search results.

But does Google say it’s a spam? “If all you’re doing is taking quotes from everyone else, that’s probably not a lot of added value,” Cutts said.

If you are really more determined about getting on to the top in SEO rankings you should really have to make something of your own. Summarize the topic in the best possible way. Be good at generating positive content and add up your version of thoughts and make people comment. This can actually lead more traffic to you than just gathering the information from so and so websites and clubbing it on your site. It does nothing good for you.

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