Effective use of Google+

Effective usage of google plus for social media marketing

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google plus for social media marketing

Google plus is now the world’s second largest social networking site after Facebook. It has got 359 million active users and has already surpassed Twitter. And what next?! They are now rivals with YouTube. Fighting to be on top. Well, the medium is large and so the competition. None of us expected Facebook to dominate the world since it’s launch in the year 2004. Orkut was on demand till 2009. It’s when the Facebook generation started. With advancements and innovation they are right on top beating Orkut so badly. It was the period of time when Google+ happened to evolve. Google considered it as, the time has come and they need to innovate to be in contention. And that’s what exactly they did.

Google+  has got wide variety of features in their new social networking but they almost look complex and difficult to understand for start up users. It does have features that can overtake Facebook but they still lack something that Facebook has. The above infograph says it all.

Today we will focus on some of the key features of Google+ on why it is considered to be second largest social networking site and Google plus for social media marketing.

Make out your Profile: 

Google plus is no exception with other social networking sites. Making up your profile will be same as others. It’s where you need to make your own identity. If you are in G+ for your business promotions then make sure you give a clear detail of your services in the about section and let the user understand how efficient your services can be. Create an impression in the first place. Everything shall follow.

Optimize your profile picture to get more traffic: 

By adding up your picture on your Google+ you can drive more traffic towards your profile. It is because, when you update your profile with an attractive picture of yours then click-through rate for your profile will be reasonably high. Stats proved it to be true. It helps in getting more number of customers to you. It is one of the proven technique in getting more traffic.


People normally tend to hangout with friends to places. It allows you to connect with a maximum of 10 friends for a video chat. This will be a perfect fit for meetings and webinars etc. This will be best suited for marketing your business. All you need to do is to select people to hangout and you can give a demonstration for the new users about your products and services.

Categorize your circles: 

By using circles you can categorize your Friends, Family, Acquaintances into various circles. This feature will be more useful for business marketing. For example, You have a product that has to be marketed and you have a report that has to be submitted to your team in office. By using G+ it can be done with ease. By dropping all of your new customers into one circle you can share the product features and description with that particular group. And simultaneously you can also pass on the report to the team at office by sharing it with the circle that has all your office pals.

Invite people to your circles: 

By using Google’s Suggestions you can invite any number of people into your circles. It is the simplest way of reaching your targeted audience. By inviting more number of people you can make space for people to know in detail of your product and when on talking terms you can even make deals.


Update your keyword with your product name. So, whenever a user tries to search for something that is related to your product, you will be notified about it. Instantly, you can move up to the user and can strike a conversation regarding your products. In this way, you don’t have to lose any of your targeted customers.

Not just Facebook is a great platform for Business marketing. Google plus serves lot better in terms of marketing. With certain key features that Google+ posses it can be an easy way to market your product online by reaching more number of consumers by following some simple procedures. Google+ does help in social media marketing and also helps you gain better search results by the use of Keyword and by the profile picture that you update.

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