effective use of Tumblr for online marketing

Effective use of Tumblr for Online Marketing

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effective use of tumblr

Tumblr is a micro blogging platform and social networking website that was recently owned by Yahoo Inc. As we already have enough of social networking sites doing the business on web. What this Tumblr means?! What it does?! Do you think Tumblr can make any difference in Online marketing?! If you have no answers for the above asked questions come along with me and get to know more about the effective use of Tumblr.

Tumblr as said earlier is a micro blogging platform and also a social networking website which is often overlooked by the online marketers. To describe Tumblr in a better way, it is a combination of WordPress and Facebook. Yes. It is a combination. As we already know that WordPress and Facebook are two different platforms which are doing really good in business as of now. But what about Tumblr?! How far it has reached?! How many users it has got?! We will learn it all together.

According to Yahoo it was said that Tumblr has got 300 million monthly unique visitors.

50% of the users on Tumblr are aged less than 25.

It was ranked No.23 by Alexa Traffic Rank and also settles at No.18th in US of America.

I must say stats are indeed amazing. But this isn’t enough for a platform like Tumblr. It deserves a lot more. It has got variety of features which can even make social networking giants utter a ‘wow’. It was designed in such a way. And now let us know how this can be handy for online marketers.

Content Gathering:

If you are running short of ideas and waiting for a nugget of idea to hit your way Tumblr has got everything built in it. The use of Hash Tags can get you enough of information that you require. As you must have already known that Hash Tags were used in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. For online marketers it can be helpful if they have published their product with a Hash Tag. By that way when you search of the keyword, chances are that your post will appear in the results. In this way you can market your product even though you don’t have many followers by your side.

Dofollow Links: 

Dofollow links is a special feature from Tumblr. Every dofollow link on Tumblr will be taken or considered as a back link. In Tumblr it has a social sharing function called reblogging which serves as a back link for your original post. It means that you get a back link for every reblogging. Just think of how it would be like when your post is shared on Facebook or Twitter?! All those shares are actually back links for your posts. How cool is that?! For online marketers it’s your job to find the perfect anchor text for your post and share it via Tumblr and enjoy the back links. It will do more good to you.

Micro Blogging Platform: 

As I said you earlier about Tumblr being a micro blogging platform it was more fun to be here. Even though it may not be as good as the experience you have with WordPress, it has got very simplistic structure. Quick to set up and easy to manage. As for Online marketers setting up your brand will be the first thing and making the best use of the site is the other. If you own a domain you can even change it with simple steps from the settings.

Memes goes viral: 

Memes are now growing like it was never before. Memes are now more familiar in social networks. You don’t have to spend whole lot of time online working for the best suitable way to promote your product or service. Instead, you can take an amazing picture or even a plain picture and make up some words, place it on the image and then share it. See how it works. It surely goes viral if you have strike the chord correctly. Memes actually work well if you have good sense of humor. Online markers just need to act a little smart while making up the words.

Use of GIF images:

GIF images are little less used. But more used in Google + as it conveys the best of expressions possible. It is always fun to look at the animated graphical images where it explains the whole content in a matter of expressions. Online marketers once again have to grab this point to workout their business. For instance, if people are fed up with certain problem and if the marketer is having a solution of it then its better he makes his own GIF or else by taking the existing GIF and altering it by adding the text above. It does a really good job. When shared on social networks it goes viral for sure.

If you look at the available options for Tumblr, you are more likely to get attached to this platform than what you feel with Facebook and Twitter. Just imagine. Tumblr is a combination of WordPress and Facebook. It means that Online marketers can do wonders had they consider Tumblr a serious thing.

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