Flutter is acquired by Google

Google Acquires Flutter: A Hand Gesture Recognizing Company

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Are you that kind of person who would love to use gestures in order to make certain things work? Do you feel that operating your system with the help of gestures is a cool thing to do?! If your answer for the above two questions is ‘Yes’. Then this one is for you! There is this company called Flutter whose dream is to build an efficient gesture recognition technology and did exactly what they dreamed of. They have been into this field for 3 years now and have managed to strike best possible deals. And now, news is that Google acquires Flutter very recently.

If you look at the history of Flutter. They have previously worked with Apple Inc. in process of providing an application for OS X where, the operations of VLC and iTunes can be operated with the help of gestures. Wait! You may ask me, how the computer recognizes human gestures? It’s simple. Gestures can be recognized with the help of webcam. This is a cool app if you look at it properly!

If you have not heard about Flutter company, at least you must have heard of ‘Kinect for OS X’ which is used to help in controlling music and movies by gestures. It can control navigation’s for iTunes, Spotify, Winamp, and Windows Media Player. And now, after the acquisition, the company is yet to reveal the intensity of the deal that was made with Google.

Now that Google had acquired the Company for it’s own needs it was more obvious for people to expect Google to introduce the famous technology from Flutter that can be used in Android devices and if possible even in Google Glass as well. But for now, as we are not so sure of what Google is actually planning with Flutter, we could expect some better things to come out in the near future that will serve whole lot of people.

Here is the acquisition announcement made by Flutter:

“When we started three years ago, our dream to build a ubiquitous and power-efficient gesture recognition technology was considered by many as just “a dream”, not a real possibility. Since then, we have strived to build the best machine vision algorithms and a delightful user experience.

Even after we launched our first app, we didn’t stop our research; your enthusiasm and support pushed us to continue to do better. We’re inspired everyday when we hear, for example, that Flutter makes you feel like a superhero — because any sufficiently advanced technology should be indistinguishable from magic, right?

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our research at Google. We share Google’s passion for 10x thinking, and we’re excited to add their rocket fuel to our journey.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to all of our users; your feedback and evangelism inspire us every day. Flutter users will be able to continue to use the app, and stay tuned for future updates.” 

Meanwhile, a Google Spokesperson responded on their association with Flutter.

“We’re really impressed by the Flutter team’s ability to design new technology based on cutting-edge research. We look forward to supporting and collaborating on their research efforts at Google.”

Google is now itching to climb the ladder as fast as possible. They are making perfect use of every opportunity that was coming their way! A recent study by Interbrand said that Google is at No.2 of the World’s popular brands. That’s what matters!

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