HTC One Max

‘HTC One Max’ with Finger Print Sensor, Coming up this October 15th

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HTC under troublesome situations is now coming up with their advanced smart phone ‘HTC One Max’ coming this October 15th. And Interesting fact is that HTC is now bringing finger print sensor for it’s ‘One Max’ after Apple introduced it for the first with their iPhone 5S after which Samsung came up with their advanced Galaxy S4 which featured in Gold but not with the finger print sensor as it needs hardware changes. But Samsung already announced that it’s next smart phone will come up Finger print sensor. Much obvious to say.

HTC One Max

It was very well known that HTC is in huge losses and they have lost their plot reasonably to some great extent. In Addition to that Beats Audio slipping it’s contract with HTC has made things even worse. So what?! The Taiwanese company is not letting any opportunity slip from their fingers. And also when HTC associated with Windows happened to be a disaster. It was more evident for HTC to innovate if they had to survive in the industry. With the resources in hand and taking the current situations into consideration HTC need to make a move on. And that’s how they have planned to launch their ‘HTC One Max’ which they believe that will bring some amount of Glory for the company’s growth.

As the name suggests HTC One Max is expected to be a 5.9 inch display and other features will be more in common with HTC One. Except that there will be no Beats for the audio. With improved boom sound stereo speakers. And what next?! Yes. The finger print sensor. Where will they place it?! I was actually dumb stuck with HTC’s new adventure. I can say. They are actually placing the finger print sensor at the back. It will be placed somewhere between the camera and the portion where the SIM card will be placed!

The news was official according to Wall Street Journal about the launch event of ‘HTC One Max’ next week. A million dollar question is that, will HTC stand as a true competitor for iPhone 5S before Samsung come up with their version of sensor may be that comes around next year. If you ask me, I would say HTC with Android base can be close competition for Brand Apple.

What do you think of HTC introducing Finger print in ‘One Max’. Please let me know in the comments section.

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