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Is Flat design a hindrance to creative websites?

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flat-design-trend-or-revolutionFuture trend of designs will be flat design without gradient which might be a hindrance to creative websites. Graphic design was considered as a pretty popular message board. The posters showed respect for all the members by presenting them with things like sigs that were rectangular graphics that fit in the reserved area for a users signature. If the user gets familiarized with the message boards and forums then the image that is showed up in the bottom of any other user’s message. This wasn’t  an exclusive concept that  is made these message boards as many of the users use this feature.

The designs made were elaborate and colorful. These designs were designed fantastically and which made the users to feel like the designs were mystical creatures which were hidden by the cloud of reality. The sigs were nothing else but referred to as decoration and fun that the users had , the more the receiving user loved it.

Current trend:

Now days, all the graphics are strayed from concepts and the reason behind is :

  • Design doesn’t rest upon the favor of decorations and aesthetics
  • The designs aren’t cool any more.

The trends and tastes are changing according to the creative idea that are being generated each time. Users don’t really make any design heavy elements that can be tasteful and trendy with can be apt for the trendy , minimalist look.


Many users preach creativity and urge many  users to think out of the box and some times also they often forget the concept  and create graphics  that are the norms that are trendy.

What best can be get from Photoshop?

Photoshop is one of the standard for web designing .It is an image editing application for both the designers and photographers. Adobe expands their capabilities and what the users can create using Photoshop.

Many programs like Creative Cloud, Photoshop allows the user to do extremely creative things that can enhance and add lightening in a photograph,add motion and different kinds of blurs, create glowing edges , warp shapes and many others.

There are filters that are extremely creative in Photoshop that begs the question that why don’t the users utilize these effects more?

Images and its defects:

The users keep their design fairly simple in print since all the printers and all colors are created equal.The users control the Pantone colors but still the bad things can happen after it been printed .This concept is been used by many users to design familiar and understand lot of gradients, fine details and crazy colors in print as they may end up being disappointed when the print copy is in the hand.Many of the users point to the image loading times are more complex designs that typically load slower than usual.

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