Web Design Trends 2013

Latest Web Design Trends – 2013

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Change is the only matter which does not change, since change is essential and unavoidable in any field especially in web oriented tasks. Website designing is constant in being dynamic. Web marketing, social net workings are the emerging knack among web users which in turn made the word web designing imperative. With the number of new innovations with technical advancement, many latest web design trends have been introduced in 2013, which leads to increase in number of viewers and spectators for that particular website. The website designed for any business should be capable of  transforming viewers into customers.

Web designing has been simplified day by day and the techniques are made available with preset features. Some of the widely used trends of web designs are as follows.


Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 16.02.53

Minimalism is trend of design website with the minimum interfaces as the name indicates. The designer should be cautious enough in designing homepage of a website which should not bore or threaten the viewer by overloading. The landing page of any website should be simple and catchy with related topics and essential credentials. Minialism is preferred by viewers since it is keeps the landing page clean and legible for the navigator.it is also important to see that the minimal design website should not have any advertisements and marquees running across it. Thus this design emphasizes quality instead of magnitude.


Metro Design
Metro is the internal  name of a web designing  typographic code, which highlights only the content of the websites and not the graphical interface. The metro has been celebrated by the web designers for its simple and elegant style of expressing the contents. The metro trend makes use of vibrant colors, high resolution pictures and typography and shapes which makes it cherishing and appealing. This trend is highly attuned with windows applications.


Responsive Design

Responsive trend is the most incipient web design feted by the web designers with its versatile features. Rapid spread in usage of cell phones, tablets, laptops and I -pads   created a chanceless demand for this web design. The most nifty feature of this responsive trend is the availability of various screen sizes companionable for all screen dimensions. This feature delivers the full content of the websites without cropping text and images.

4.Infinite scrolling:

Infinite Design
One of the imperative  reason for a viewer leaving a webpage is because of reloading the page  often for accessing the various content of the web site.in order to avoid this difficulty infinite scrolling web design has been invented by the social media  pioneer pinterest. This design allows the user to scroll down the pages of the website promptly without waiting for the page to load. Infinite scrolling trend best suits for dynamic websites were information are frequently updated. This trend also has a downside of user ignoring the content since it is rationalized rapidly.

5.Flat design:

Flat design

The flat design is plane and meek and has high end   crusty typhography, solid colors and perfect indents which make it profound. The flat design is widely preferred by the content oriented web developers.IT makes the manuscript to load conveniently and enriches the website with data and non-gradient images. The flat design is more likely to skeuomorphic design with its simplicity and non-gradient texture. This design accentuates the digital interface more than graphical interface. Icons, forms, UI buttons are showcased best by this theme without modifying the functionality of the rudiments  of the websites.



This web design is concentrated mainly on backdrop image interface with illusion effects. The user can find attractive moving objects behind, beside, beneath the main objects of the website. parallex web design suits mainly for websites using animations, graphics, virtual reality concepts. This design is very delectable for storytelling and animation websites. This design gives the user a collapsible experience by moving with the objects of the website. To experience the feel of parallax we have got you 10 best parallax websites.

7.Full screen photo touch pages:


This web design supports the video and image loading into the website without using a flash player. It reaches the user with compatible toolbar to view the full screen image of the website regardless of the size of the browser screen. This design seems best for videos and gaming concepts.


Please mention if I left out any latest web design trends.

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