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Limitations of a Web Content Management System

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A Web Content Management system provides website authorization, collaboration and administration tools which are designed for the users who have feeble knowledge in web programming languages to manage their websites. Many users use the content repository, which stores the content and other related information, which are required by the system.

Understanding CMS:

A content management system is an easy to use tool which stays behind a dynamic website; it is normally used by content creators or editors to add/maintains the content of a website. Though there are many advantages using these kinds of systems, there are also several limitations while using Content Management System. CMS websites can also be used for websites.

Limitations faced by the Content developer:

• Many variations in the theme framework like short codes, widgets, and theme options might confuse the content editor, if they are a non-technical person.

• CMS tools have become vital for content creation in all the organizations but some of the features provided by the tool affect the quality of the web pages.

• Some times errors might occur when content is imported from few text editors like Microsoft Word.

• Not all the CMS provides WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) feature.

• Some CMS prevents indentation of text.

• The table editing option provided is very poor.

• They don’t posses the auto bullet or numbering option.

• Few CMS doesn’t have the option to provide version to the content.

• These tools don’t give adequate support to manage the site structure and taxonomy control.

• The users find it really difficult to create and modify or upload a new template.

Disadvantages of CMS from a user point of view:

• Many things that might go wrong like the formatting error, incorrect images, no image compression and inconsistent resizing of the images which results in breakage of the style of the website that results in effecting the brand.

• If the user does not have any resource to update their content regularly then there is no point in paying for a CMS tool and implementing it.

• In order to use this tool effectively a user needs to acquire certain basic computer skills that would also cost money.


If the user is going to update content from his website regularly with news or events then this tool could be an added advantage. If  the user is not going to update it regularly and just once in a while, then it is not  a wise option.

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