Macaw, The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool For Programmers

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Macaw, The Code Savvy Web Design Tool is said to be build for today’s web designers. Macaw says stop writing code, Start drawing it. As it provides the same flexibility as your image editor but also writes HTML and CSS. Macaw was actually build using HTML and JavaScript. Do you think its time to expect more from a web design tool?!

Macaw creators Tom Giannattasio and Adam Christ came up with this new web design tool which can be handy for all the present day web designers. It has got Fluid canvas and grids where you can re-size your grids and the elements will get updated automatically. You also have Responsive Breakpoints, Rich Typography and Interactivity.

The Founder says the software is designed to push HTML as the “standard deliverable at every stage of the process – from conception to deployment.”

Here, Macaw promises to be one of the best way to design a personal page for your own taking certain things into consideration. The tool was actually created an year ago as an experiment and now it’s prime goal is to get the web designing into one single app.

Having great demand for Macaw, they have launched Kickstarter Campaign to get the product into the market. Surprisingly the duo reached their initial target of $75000 in less than 24 hours time. And that itself says the demand that Macaw has got even before it was launched.

Meanwhile, the price of the tool may not be so expensive as everyone were expecting. It was said that, the tool will be very much reasonable in terms of price. This can surely be a pleasant call for all the web designers out there.

Macaw was expected to be out in the early months of 2014.

Do you think Macaw can make designers breath free?! It was said that designing in Macaw takes less time. What’s your take on it. Do let me know in the comment section.

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