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Make Your Website Unique with Google Rich Snippets

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Gone are those days when customers click on the links of your website based on title or name! Nowadays, links with star ratings, images, and even videos are grabbing the attention of potential customers. What does this infer? People visiting your website expect more details before clicking the link of the website. So, adding such information could be a significant move to improve your business remarkably. And those details displayed along with product or website links are labeled as Google Rich Snippets.

rich snippets

Rich snippets for customers:

I wish to categorize the benefits of rich snippets into two parts. One for customers; other for search engines. Let’s now concentrate on customer benefits to begin with. Years before, every time when a visitor plans to buy a product via search engines will open the link of one of the top 10 websites in the Google SERPs and will check out the product reviews in other tab to realize how to worthy it will be for their business or personal purposes. But, now with the help of rich snippets, it is awesomely easy to display a product page on Google SERPs showcasing the details like user reviews and ratings of the product to ease down the search process of customers. So, it cuts short the visitor’s time to check out the reviews on search results again. Also, this could eventually lead to more sales in no time!

Rich snippets for search engines:

Well, while rich snippets can be handy in improving the overall performance of your products among users, it could double your possibility of including your data in search engines easily. Today, most popular search engines like Google concentrate on user experience, adding rich snippets to your web page will convince search engines to take your website among the top 10 SERPs. It has been reported that 30-40% of website comprising the rich snippets data is proved to experience 50% click through ratio. The reason is simple as most web users feel that your site has provided them personalized data compared to other sites which don’t have rich snippets information on their websites.

Why it makes your site unique?

Well, from various surveys it is reported that adding rich snippets to your website can help in multiple ways to engage with customers and improve customer base.

A few of them include:

• Impresses web users with products and their complete information on SERPs

• It is easy to set up on web pages

• Offers invincible control over product information

• Even can add company information, URL, address, etc.

How to implement one on your site?

Well, you can install rich snippets by two ways, either with a help of developer via coding or by installing extensions on your website. But, remember the prior process may cost a lot and it’ll consume a lot of time as well. The latter method is an ideal choice as it has the ability to embed rich snippets easily and takes less time to make your display on your SERPs without any pro efforts. However, it depends on businesses or individuals to pick the rich choice of theirs based on their needs.

Final thoughts:

To sum up, adding unique rich snippets to your website can easily improve your product performance to a great extent by garnering the attention of users worldwide. Hope this post provided you valuable information on rich snippets and its benefits, if you have any other ideas or suggestions implementing the rich snippets please input via comments.


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