Galaxy S4 in Gold

Samsung counters Apple by bringing Galaxy S4 in Gold

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Samsung Galaxy S4

Have you heard of the news?! Samsung’s recent release of Galaxy S4 is now taking it’s shape to come in Gold. It was rumored that Samsung tends to follow the trend that Apple creates and now, the way I see this, Samsung is on a course of making them come true. To be frank, I’m not surprised at all.

In a span of 15 days time since Apple has revealed that they would introduce iPhone 5S in Gold other than the default colors every time they come up with. Now, it’s time Samsung had decided to take part in the Gold rush. I wonder if this is going to be a trend of using Gold colored phones in the market. So far, What I heard of Gold colored or coated mobile phones are used by the Gangsters or whomsoever it be. For me, this was totally out of the box when Samsung came up with statements like these.

According to the sources, Samsung would want to introduce gold colored smartphone when they come up with their next one after S4. But, all of a sudden they are geared up for the release of gold colored android smartphone with their recently launched Galaxy S4. It was more obvious that none can come up with a new model in 2 weeks time. And that’s the reason why Samsung decided to introduce their Golden Version mobiles starting with Galaxy S4.

For now, they are showing this off to United Arab Emirates market. Not sure if they will be showing this off to any other country other than UAE.

Latest from Samsung is that, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will now come in Gold pink and Gold Brown colors. 

Earlier, In the Apple’s release of iPhone 5S which came in Gold has got loads of response than Apple’s expectation. So, being the prime competitor for Apple, Samsung decided to take on Apple. And that’s how they came up with two new colors for their smartphones.

At some point of time or the other, Android users might have given a thought of using their mobile which comes in Gold after looking at Apple’s iPhone. If you fall into that category, This one is for you! Wait for the updates to come. Samsung Galaxy S4 is now coming in GOLD.

What do you think of the move that was made by Samsung? In Getting Galaxy S4 in Gold. Do you think Samsung can damage the Apple figures in terms of Gold colored sales?! Who is having the edge?! Apple or Samsung?! Let me know in the comments section.

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Jayanth Majety

Voracious reader of Fiction and Non-Fiction. After realizing writing as my true calling I am into full time writing. I pen down my thoughts under the name of Maniacs To The Fore. You can reach me on. Visit my Google profile.

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  • Mlv Krishna Chaitanya

    Nice article.. keen view on market trends… Appreciated!!

    I am not finding any fault with Samsung… when anything is hot cake in market and also which is not patented then why not just Samsung or any other Handset maker company would sit idle… I would not be surprised if other makers like LG, Motorola or BB will come in Gold colors…!

    Apple should have to invent something new and should hold patents with it to avoid followers or copy cats like Samsung and to remain on the top of the market…!

    • webdesigntalks

      Well said. But if a particular thing is spreading viral, then everyone will follow it. That’s the nature…

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