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Social media strategies for B2B companies

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social media strategies for b2b

Is social media an overwhelming platform for B2B companies? If yes. How can these companies make the best use of the media? Here is where we provide you the magic of leading social media networks and social media strategies for B2B companies without moving an inch from your seat.

While you’re making your business work on such social media platforms, never go with one which looks easiest. Go with the one which suits your target audience. And, below are some social media strategies that will play its major role in B2B company’s online marketing.


LinkedIn is one of the leading social networking site for professional users. The best feature of LinkedIn is that “groups”. You can sign up your account and straight way join the groups and start the conversations.  Recent stats have said that more than 200 million users are on LinkedIn and the most surprising fact is that close to 30% are from the US of America.

So, to make the best use of the opportunity, follow your targeted professionals and keep conversing with them. In LinkedIn, you can find the CEO’s of top companies and the best way to reach out is to follow them and being an active participant in the group conversations.

Once you build-up your own name in the network, you are eligible for brand marketing your services/products. Stay in touch with your contacts. Keep involving in group discussions and share information.


Blogging can always be seen in a detailed manner. Information about your services/product will be explained in a detail. Blogging can drive huge traffic. But the point is, it takes whole lot of time. If you are having some multiple tasks to perform at a time and have no time to breath some air, then you can better go with LinkedIn or Webinars instead of spending your precious amount of time on making huge blog posts.

Problem with blogging is that, the initial traffic isn’t good at all. It takes a minimum of 6 months or more to spread your blog to big numbers. And being consistent in blogging is a must thing. Google will always keep track of your blog in providing better rankings and keep the traffic flowing in. The better is the content, the better are the chances for audience to keep coming in.

So, once you are done with writing your post. It’s time you need to plan on how to make the post reach people. And don’t forget that, we have social networks for such use. Share it on social networking sites. If you ask me the best blogging medium, I would say WordPress. As we have got many tools available to share it on social networks. It makes your task easy. All you need to do is, add the tool or plugin.


Webinars can do marvelous things to you. It will get you instant clients. Firstly, invite people to attend your webinar and make some space for the them to learn what you are offering them. The more number of people who attends the webinar. Higher are the chances for you to get some new clients.

In-order to make the most of the current webinar, start inviting people for your next webinar as well. People who are interested in your current webinar may not be attending the next one due to lack of information. So, you better don’t have to take such chances. The better you promote about your webinar the more consumers coming your way.

The big three social media networks are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And when you look at the sharing rate, Facebook stands on top with 80%, Twitter at 78% and LinkedIn is at 51%.

The idea is very simple. Focusing on the above big three social media networks can actually drive your company through profits. Only if you have mastered the art of marketing your product.

social media strategies for b2b

Source: marketoonist.com

So, if you are planning to market your product first make sure of the channels you are going to target and then you can figure out on how to reach more audience. Because every channel is having their own ways to promote the product.

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