Storytelling in web designing

Storytelling in web designing

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Storytelling in web designing

Story telling is a means of communication. A communication that was supposed to held between the two ends. Story telling is the most efficient way to implement in any business to work. It was like people are now more interested in listening stories that are framed with a bit of fiction in it than the stories that come up with a serious note on it. The communication that you make with your target customers don’t have to be a serious one. It has to be something that can make your consumers show more interest in what you tell. For that, it was your part to come up with the story telling capabilities and keep your readers as well as consumers exciting. Today, we will look into what storytelling in web designing is all about.

When you have come up with a website of your own, the first thing you need to look at is the placement of your products and the content that you have put up. The very homepage of your site is going to decide your position in that particular category. There are certain ways to make consumers fall for you. Few of them are, highlighting the best deals of the day or month that you offer, A simple homepage that has got everything in it.

Create your own brand story: 

The best way to start up your story telling has to be from the scratch and that has to be very precise. No reader would show great interest in knowing detailed history of yours unless and until you make a big difference. Precisely state the history of your brand and make people understand on what you offer your consumers and also frame some questions and answer them with the logic that you have followed. Raise questions like ‘Why people need to choose your brand’ when they have loads of brands out in the market. Make people understand the difference that your brand makes. Be a stand out company!


Mascots are to represent a particular brand or event. A fortune that some company’s or event organizers believe in. Look at the competitor websites that will fall into your category and make necessary changes with your site to make your site differ. Getting mascots into the scene is something that can make people recognize your brand in a whole. Being a part of designing, I guess designing a mascot for your brand isn’t a big deal.

Typography, Color combinations and Photos:

All the above mentioned does play a handy role in making an impression. How many would want to read the content that has a bad typography. Not many. Right?! So, choosing proper typography is very much needed for a web designer before he choose one. Secondly, Color combinations which make people stick with your site. More obvious to say that readers more likely to go with the sites that has cool colors spreading all over. Now moving on to Photography. The images that you put up on your site must be picture clear. Watermark images does good to your site. It can get some amount of readers as well.

What can a video do to your website? 

You might have tried telling out your stories to wide category of people. But many aren’t interested in reading what you write. The first thing a common reader does is that, he will give a quick look at how long the content is. If it’s huge then no way he is going to read it unless he is having time in stock. But you don’t have to struggle with that. You can create animation videos and tell your story to readers in the form of video. Your story telling can go quick in video than the time that will take for readers to know by reading.

Story telling about your company or brand make consumers know more about you and the services that you offer. And the story telling has to be in a way where people need to fall for you after listening to your story! And that’s when the concept of story telling actually work.

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