The New ‘Knock App’ Allows You To Unlock Your Mac Using Your iPhone

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Want to unlock your Mac with your phone?! Irked of typing passwords to unlock your iMac? No worries. The time has come for a new way to unlock your Mac Desktops just by giving a knock. Confused?! Okay. Here is the official launch of Knock 1.0 which is a new App for iOS devices starting from iPhone 4S and above.

The Company was founded by William Henderson and Jon Schlossberg who are more passionate about bringing ‘knock’ out for the users. So, the procedure is that, you can operate your Mac Desktops with the help of your iPhone. All you need to do is to install the App in your desktop as well as on your iPhone. This will be running on lower Bluetooth technology to enable the connection between the two devices.

Here, we will explain you in detail on how to install and run Knock on your iPhone.

Firstly, you need to download Free Mac App and $3.99 for the same app on your iPhone. Once you are done with the downloading process, you are then supposed to launch the apps in both devices making sure that Bluetooth is running active on both the devices. It’s when Knock instructs you to lock your phone. The App sets up itself on it’s own.

Once after setup is done you are now instructed to knock on your phone for multiple times which is for pairing confirmation. You are then provided with a box where you need to fill in your Mac Password. And it’s done.

Here after, you can find a ring near to your avatar that says, Knock is running and to unlock the Mac you need to knock once. This is how knock works.

Your password is encrypted using standard RSA encryption and stored on the phone, where as the code to decrypt is saved on your Mac.

Henderson is very much excited about Knock App being available for iOS devices and is now heading to work on Android platform as well. It’s not that Knock is only meant for iOS devices. Being the one that rely on Bluetooth connections, it was said that Android is more likely to do well than iOS.

Also, Henderson is eager to work more on Knock, where his goal for now is to unlock the main door of the house followed by unlocking your bike. How cool that can be?!

Are you amazed with the knock?! What do you think about this new feature to unlock your desktops?! Do let me know in the comments section.

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