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WebDesignTalks – Popular Articles 2013

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popular articles 2013

Now that we are running close to the end of 2013. I can see people working on their resolutions for the next 12 months while some are reviewing their accomplishments all over the year. For web designers and web developers this 2013 will surely be the one to be remembered. A lot had happened and everyone have learned something with the new changes that kept coming in. There are certain things that pulled web designers into a fix and you see, it’s all about learning and keep improving. Today, we are here to take a look back at what we have done ever since we are introduced into this world of web designing and whats popular in 2013.

WordPress Infographic 2013: 

What can someone say about WordPress that we are seeing today. It has emerged to be one of the best CMS in the market. With over 19% share of website usage across the globe it still keeps dominating the other Content Management Systems. And there was this Infographic that surveyed the statistics of WordPress. 460,000,000 downloads in the last 12 months? Of course even more. And the number count says it all.

WordPress Infographic 2013

WordPress Themes Survey 2013: 

This one is a survey that has been conducted by Elegant Themes in process of knowing what people are more interest about WordPress. There are  a set of 11 questions for better understanding of the users so that providers can do the best.

wordPress theme statistics

Popular CSS Frameworks 2013: 

This is the one that has taken Web Design Talks to the next level. We have been into the contention and are waiting for the right moment to come and we have just made the perfect use of it when it all mattered. CSS Frameworks 2013 happens to be in the top search results till date. That indeed means a lot for us and so the same for the readers.

CSS Frameworks 2013

Latest Web Design Trends 2013: 

Every year there will be something that keeps on trending and do great in business. And web designing is not an exception in that. We have got you a collection of the latest Web design trends which happened to be on top till date. They are the ones that kept web designing on top over the last few months. For instance, parallax is something that has seen terrific improvement in the recent times also responsive websites taking the smart phone usage into consideration. They are all trending.

Web Design Trends 2013

Most Useful SEO Analysis Tools: 

Google Analytics is one of the most familiar SEO tools. Your website tracking, the number count and what not? everything that was related to your website will be done by Google Analytics. And there are some other tools that are more in handy for your growth. We have covered all such tools into one post which can help you to a great extent.

SEO Tools

10 Ways To Get High Rank in Search Engines: 

How to get on to the top in search engine results? There is an algorithm for that in Google. You are supposed to follow the terms and conditions that were imposed by the search engine giant to make things work in favor of you. Here, we have provided 10 best ways to get high rank in search engine. They are proved to be the best ways. I would recommend you to try with these and observe the results.

get high rank in search engines

Google Dart: 

Is Google planning to replace JavaScript with Google dart? Dart is an open source web programming language with better performance and better security. The title that was chosen happened to be a bit of sensation which led to the record number of clicks in a single day.

Google Dart

Social Media 2013:

So what about social media in 2013? We believe, infographs are the best way to summarize the happenings that involves over a period of time. It was Facebook leading with great improvement followed by Twitter and Google+. Also, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest have had their good times in 2013. They have some significant improvement and are willing to repeat the same in the coming years.

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2014:

The techniques are so very simple but you need to be consistent in making them repeat every time you come up with an article. If you ask me, I would say that being good at implementing basics will do the job for you. Every social media platform have their own quirks and twists. So all it matter is to know them and work accordingly. Advertise your post to a range of people and let them share as well. If you have the quality in your content then readers will surely get back to you tomorrow.

Social media strategy

jQuery Plugins For 2013:

Install the plugin and make your work simple. When you have plugins, why to code? There are these jQuery plugins that were doing really good in the market which are being used by majority of web designers and developers. Here, we have got some collection of plugins that might really be handy for you.


CSS3 Plugins For 2013: 

Just the same way of jQuery plugins. We have got a collection of the best CSS3 plugins to make things work faster for you. There are some people who are scared of using the plugins as they carry some amount of threat to the site if they are poorly coded. There is a chance of it but it was suggested that plugins which are well coded are recommended.


Google Chrome Extensions: 

Extensions? Have you ever used it on your Google Chrome? Best way to track multiple tasks at a time. You don’t really have to open the site for sharing some stuff or following someone’s posts. All you need to do is to add the extension to your browser and make use of it. The collections that we have brought you might surely bring a smile on your face. The extensions are more important and you will be using them on a daily basis.

Google Chrome Extensions

Top Logos That Adds Creativity: 

Logos are supposed to describe the purpose of a company. It was said that the standard of a company or an organization can be estimated depending on the logo they choose. Logos are that important and we have designers who are good enough to vent out their creativity in designing them. We have done exactly the same. We have covered some of the best logos that might inspire you in creating one.

Top logos

100+ Christmas Icons: 

Celebrating your Christmas while you work? How cool is that? There are special icons for every Christmas that will amaze you to a great extent. This year, we have provided our readers with 100+ icons for download. What can be better than this?

Christmas Icons

CSS3 Tutorials: 

Learn CSS3 by going with these tutorials. We have covered on how to create a drop down menu, buttons, switches and a lot more with simple steps. These tutorials will make learning easy for you.

tutorials for css3

So, why don’t you say something about your experiences with Web Design Talks. What were your favorite articles.? If you were asked to say something about WDT what would you say? Give you inputs and we would surely try to make the changes happen. Do let us know in the comment section.

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